Ciao Churu 50P-Seafood-Mix 5 Flavour
20,000 K
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Ciao Churu 50P-Seafood-Mix 5 Flavour


Tasty liquid paste cat snack 

Helps replenish fluid loss in cat's body 

Contains green tea extracts for anti-odour properties 

Great for finicky cats 

Can be fed directly or added to food for added flavour 

Suitable for all life stages 

Ciao ChuRu is a tasty liquid paste snack that helps to replenish fluid loss in your cat's body.
 It is also Japan's no.1 and Thailand best selling cat treats brand!And also Global Brand.

Great for finicky cats and cats that dislike drinking water, Ciao ChuRu will definitely appeal to them!

The Katsuo Tuna flavour is made with fresh, tasty skipjack tuna.

It also contains green tea extracts with anti-odour properties.

You can feed the liquid paste directly to your cat, or added to your cat's food for an added flavour to entice your cat to eat his meals.

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