Bellota 400g - Mackerel
2,200 K
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Special price: 2,100 K (Buy 12pcs and above)

Bellota mackerel is delicious along with many other nutrition that are necessary for cats. It provide a 100% complete & balanced diet for cats.               

The food is made of real mackerel that provides your feline with the necessary vitamins & minerals while maintaining the palatability for all cats.

Taurine assists in keeping the heart healthy. Vitamin a helps to strengthen the eye sight of the cat.Tuna, enhancing the taste of the food.

Also, it is present in the food in the form of light brown kibbles.Bellota offers a chance to your pet to attain an optimum level of health.


Mackerel, Forming Agents, Chicken, Wheat Gluten, Flavouring, Sardine Taurine, Oligofructose, Vitamins, Minerals, Coloring.

Feeding Instructions;

Supply fresh water at all time. Serve fresh at room temperature.Should feed with other food for nutrition completed.

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