Bellota Tray 80g - Tuna With Shrimp
1,300 K
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Special price: 1,200 K (Buy 12pcs and above)

Bellotta tuna light meat with shrimps in jelly brings light meat of tuna garnished with shrimps to give your cat a delicious and nutritious meal.

The tasty jelly based food contains animal-based protein which promotes the overall well-being of the cat.

With about 85% of water content, the meal hydrates the body of the feline and encourages detoxification.

There is vitamin E to offer protection to the cell membranes against the damaging action of the free radicals.

Vitamin E also gives strength to the immune system of the body.

No preservatives are added in the meal, making this recipe safe and healthy for the feline.

Cat aged 1 year and above.

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